How to apply MQL to your CNC Machining Center.

Watch how we have applied Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) to a high production vertical machining center. Many benefits are to be realized by replacing your flood coolant with an MQL further more this does not have to be an expensive exercise. This short video shows a two nozzle Unist Coolubricator applying micro oil droplets to the tool and cutting areas externally. Don't let the competition have the cutting edge on your machining operations, stop wasting money and call John Barker today to discuss how we can make MQL work for you.

How to saw solid carbon steels up to 400mm diameter

Here we show how we can simply modify an existing band saw that had been traditionally using flood coolant and transform it into a MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) application. This modification is inexpensive to implement and can be fitted up quite easily, the transformation is remarkable, watch the short video to see how we do it. There are many […]

Parkanson saw goes Near Dry

The owner of this saw wanted to eliminate the messy coolant that was causing skin irritation to his operators, so he called Unist in to fix it. Of cause there are many more benefits when you get rid of coolant, for a start coolant is a toxic waste product and has to be disposed of […]

Aluminium Extrusion Saw Lubrication

We achieve our results by using positive displacement pumps to send micro amounts of oil (in a spray pattern) down to the saw blade. Where this concept is nothing new, Unist has been able to cut oil consumption dramatically by switching the customers oil to Coolube 2210AL. In one instance, we reduced the oil consumption […]

MEP saw goes “Near Dry”

This brand new saw installation never saw one drop of Coolant. The customer insisted that this new machine had to be fitted with an oil spray lubrication system to lubricate the band saw blade. The benefits of this cost effective alternative are many, here are just a few: This MEP machine is capable of cutting […]

Special Purpose Applications

This machine can drill, route and then cut to length aluminium profiles of basically any shape. The machine is fitted with a 3 nozzle Coolubricator which sprays oil onto the cutter. This results in elimination of mess, cutters staying sharper longer, and happy operators. The cut-to-length saw is fitted with a Unist Saw system which lubricates the saw blade’s teeth, resulting in a clean cut while at the same time extending the life of the blade between sharpenings.