Drilling 25 mm diameter holes through steel pipe.

Watch how we drill 25 mm diameter holes through toughened steel tube with a wall thickness of 5 mm, the hole is drilled through both walls.

To use traditional coolant would have made an absolute intolerable mess, with coolant running down the tube creating a safety hazard and customer quality issues. The manufacturer here decided to apply Unist’s “Near Dry Drilling” technology, through spindle MQL (minimum quantity lubrication). The drilling cell incorporates two Unist Tornado units that send atomized oil particles down through the drive motor spindle and then through the drill  exiting at the drill tips.

No Mess, Dry chips, extended tool life and no thermal cracking of the carbide tips are just a few of the many benefits gained by employing today’s technology to steel drilling applications. This system runs on Coolube 2210EP at an oil consumption rate of 20 ml per drilling hour.

Also at the same time check out the benefits of using Coolube over other cheaper products that are on the market.

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