Precision Fluid Dispensing

Unist strives to improve manufacturing processes by providing precise and reliable fluid dispensing solutions. We believe that by applying only what you need, where you need it, and when you need it, your company can create less waste and save money.

Unist’s line of positive displacement pump and pressure-driven dispensing solutions are well suited to apply fluids in a variety of manufacturing operations. Positive displacement is a dispensing method that is not sensitive to changes in fluid viscosity or ambient conditions. This means that Unist positive displacement systems can deliver consistent fluid flow rates regardless of the fluids viscosity or changing ambient conditions.


Anywhere a repeatable amount of fluid delivery is required, you can count on Unist to provide a solution.


Our modular system design allows us to quickly configure systems specifically for your application. Many times a system configured specifically for your application can be shipped in two weeks.

Count on Unist to provide reliable fluid application systems for your most demanding fluid application needs.


Tube Bending

Unist fluid delivery systems can be tailored specifically for your tube bending process. Fluid can be dispensed as an air/oil mix or oil only to all critical points such as the mandrel, the wiper, the die, and the tube itself. Each output can be dialed in independently to ensure the proper amount of fluid is applied to each point.


Wear point Lubrication

The reliability and consistency of Unist precision fluid delivery systems make them the ideal solution for critical machine wear point lubrication application. Lubricant can be delivered as either oil only, or as an atomized air/oil mix. Lubrication for cylinders, cams, bearings, ball screws, chains, linear slides, gears, and many more can be consistently delivered with Unist systems.



Unist specializes in partnering with original equipment manufacturers to provide a top of the line fluid delivery system. Whether your machine is cutting, bending, sawing, forming, rolling, coating, or just needs lubrication, Unist can provide the solution for you. Unist works with a number of machine builders and will work hard to ensure the solution is best for you.


Continuous Dispensing

Many manufacturing processes require consistent amounts of fluid applied to ensure a smooth process. This could be applying a uniform coating to a moving substrate that moves at different speeds, or delivering a consistent shot of fluid for an assembly process. Unist can tailor an application to specifically meet your needs.


Coating System

Unist fluid dispensing solutions can be used to coat substrates with a wide range of fluids. Rust preventatives, release agents, cooling sprays, and many more can be accurately controlled and dispensed with Unist precision fluid dispensing solutions.