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Founded in the US in 1957, Unist has become one of the world’s leading lubricants manufacturers with a unique design and system production for metal cutting and forming operations using leading edge metal cutting technology for the industrial market.

Cost-Saving & Environmental Benefits
As ground-breaking lubricant specialists ahead of their time, Unist manufactures and sells some of the most advanced metal cutting lubricants on the market. These game-changing cutting fluids for steel are especially designed to save money and the environment by preserving the tool life of cutting tools, significantly cutting down on wastage and mess and eliminating toxic by-product waste and disposal costs. That is because our metal working fluid products are entirely derived from plant products.

Australia & New Zealand Exclusive Importers
And since 2006, the ground-breaking Unist products have been available within Australian and New Zealand via just one exclusive importer. And given no middle-people, you receive the very best price, specialist technical information and expert product support, bar none.

Risk Free Trial

To join hundreds of Australian and New Zealand industrial operations which have made the switch to our trailblazing technology, we invite you to try the Unist products risk-free. Talk to us and apply for a 30-day trial with no money paid up-front. Only if you are satisfied with our lubricants products, we will invoice you, but if you do not wish to continue using them, we will not charge you. We can also arrange a small product sample to be sent to you, free of charge.

We provide innovative solutions to our customers that save money in their manufacturing processes by reducing the amount of metal cutting fluid consumed. The consistent application of minimum quantities of metal working fluids (otherwise known as metal cutting oil, cutting fluid or cutting oils) improves process efficiency and is friendly to the environment by reducing waste.

Unist’s Advanced MetalWorking Fluid is non-water-miscible metal cutting oil which replaced the old mineral cutting oils mixed with water. We’ve formulated this as a cost-effective alternative for use with all minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system.

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Minimum Quantity Lubrication






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