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Your fluid application system needs a steady supply of pressurized fluid. Unist offers a broad range of options to meet your needs.


Air-operated diaphragm pump

supplies pressurized fluid from a non-pressurized tote or drum. The pump includes an on/off valve, 0-60 psi regulator and fluid by-pass loop to prevent stalling.


25-micron filter assembly

provides superior fluid filtering for any SmartFlow® based system.


Fluid regulator assembly

reduces the pressure of an existing fluid supply system. Lets you set fluid pressure from 3-50 psi and includes a 0-60 psi pressure gauge.


Sump tube

works in conjunction with the SmartFlow® Air-operated diaphragm pump when drawing from a 55 gallon drum.


3 gallon (11 liter) stainless steel pressure tank

features a 0-50 psi regulator and a low-level switch. Shown with SmartFlow®, optional stand, and 25 micron filter. (Not included with tank)


6 gallon (22 liter) ASME-rated pressure tank

comes with a 0-100 psi regulator, low level switch and sight gauge. Shown with SmartFlow®, and optional stand. (Not included with tank)


15 gallon (56 liter) ASME-rated pressure tank

has a 0-100 psi regulator, low level switch and sight gauge. Shown with SmartFlow® and optional stand. (Not included with tank)


30 gallon (113 liter) ASME-rated pressure tank

is equipped with a 0-100 psi regulator, low-level switch and sight gauge.


Auto refill supply system

incorporates a 10 gallon (38 liter) ASME-rated stainless steel pressure tank with 0-60 psi precision regulator and integral high and low-level switches. Comes with PLC controls and an electric pump that automatically refills the tank, eliminating downtime spent refilling it. This system delivers superior performance when drawing fluid from a drum or tote.

Includes stand and 25 micron filter. Does not include SmartFlow®.


20 Gallon ( 75 liter ) polyethylene reservoir

comes equipped with an air-operated diaphragm pump, 25 micron filter assembly, stand, and low level switch. The reservoir also includes a fluid by-pass loop to prevent pump stalling and fluid separation.

Includes stand, does not include SmartFlow®.

Features, Specs & Options


  • Continuous, consistent supply of fluid
  • Multiple capacities/options available
  • Durable construction

Technical Specifications

    Varied by product: Contact Unist for more information

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