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Portable cutter lubrication system

  • Increases cutting tool life
  • Improves hole quality
  • Easy to install on most positive feed drills
  • 100% Pneumatic - no electricity required

The Unist Mini-Piggyback system sets a new standard for lubricating cutting tools on positive feed drills. This system uses a positive displacement pump to precisely apply the right amount of lubrication to the cutting tool, hole after hole. The operator can easily adjust both the fluid and the air output to “dial-in” the perfect setting for any tool.

The Mini-Piggyback is 100% pneumatically operated. It is designed to use air supplied “downstream” from the tool trigger, so it operates whenever the tool is running. The fluid supply is contained in a removable reservoir that can easily be exchanged when empty. Empty reservoirs can be refilled using the Unist reservoir refill stations, so they’re ready to use again. The lubricant may also be supplied from a remote gravity-feed or pressurized reservoir. The Mini-Piggyback can dispense a wide range of lubricants with varying viscosities. Atomizing air can be easily adjusted or turned off completely.

The Mini-Piggyback is available in two configurations: continuous output, which provides a constant delivery of lubricant for operations with long cycle times, and intermittent-output, which provides a single shot of lubricant for smaller cutting tools with short cycle times.


Stay productive with Mini-Piggyback™

The manual Mini-Piggyback reservoir refill station is designed to allow swift and easy refilling of quick-change Mini-Piggyback reservoirs. The station fills Mini-Piggyback reservoirs and virtually eliminates trapped air which can cause inconsistent fluid output. Using it ensures properly filled reservoirs every time.


A unique feature of the Mini-Piggyback system is the removable, interchangeable fluid reservoir. This allows the lubricant to be replenished almost instantly by simply replacing the empty reservoir with a full one, maximizing the productivity of the tool.


Unist Coolube®

Maximize the benefits of your Mini-Piggyback system by filling your reservoir with Unist Coolube®.

Coolube® is a 100% natural biodegradable lubricant derived from renewable vegetable products that is friendly to the environment and machinists. It is specifically formulated to increase tool life and improve surface finishes in all machining operations. Coolube® contains no VOC’s, chlorine, or silicone. As an added bonus, Unist guarantees the pumps in our Mini-Piggyback systems forever when Coolube® is used exclusively.

Features, Specs & Options


  • Increases cutting tool life
  • Improves hole quality
  • Easy to install on most positive feed drills
  • 100% pneumatic - no electricity required

Technical Specifications

    Injector Output:
    • 1 Drop (0.05 mL) per pulse

    Pump Rate:
    • 4 to 200 Cycles per minute

    Inlet Air:
    • 70-115 psi (5-8 Bar)

    Reservoir Capacity:
    • 25 mL or 55 mL (500 or 1100 pump cycles)

    Options & Accessories


    Manual Mini-Piggyback™ reservoir refill station

    Allows swift and easy refilling of quick-change Mini-Piggyback™ reservoirs.


    Pulse generator

    with screwdriver adjustment


    Pulse generator

    with knob adjustment


    Single shot output


    Mounting bracket

    for use with customer-supplied hose clamp


    Mounting bracket

    for use with customer-supplied hose clamp

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