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This moderately sized drill can be retrofitted onto medium to heavy duty style machines. It has an 8HP (@ 100%…

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Machining Aluminium “Near Dry”

This video shows how we manufacture our components, in house using our own MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) equipment and Coolube…

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How to drill 25mm holes through 25mm plate with a core drill Unist Coolube can be used in a manual situation as well as the more common auto situation. With this…

FREE Bottle of Coolube®

When you buy a Coolubricator, saw system or any other piece of Unist Hardware over and above $1,900.00 we will give you a 3.785 liter bottle of Coolube 2210/2210AL/2210EP absolutely free of charge (valued at $245.00)

Also any customer that buys more than 7 bottles of Coolube 2210/AL/EP will get the 8th one absolutely free of charge, plus free delivery anywhere in Australia.

Also at the same time check out the benefits of using Coolube over other cheaper products that are on the market.

Limited Time Offer!

This offer is only available until June 30 2019. Get in quick to take advantage of our special EOFY deal and save!

Just get in touch by calling Unist on 02 8850 2022.

and cannot be used with customers who already receive special pricing.

Changing from Alucobond/Composite panel to Solid Aluminium Sheet

Do you find yourself having to Route 3mm solid Aluminium sheet in preference to Alucobond/Composite panel? If you are experiencing any of the following you need to talk to our John Barker (Managing Director) of Unist Australia.

  • Ragged cutting
  • Burning out cutters
  • Breaking router bits
  • Terrible surface finish
  • Just the inability to get the job done

We understand your problem, you need to lubricate the routing cutter with our 3 nozzle Coolubricator.

For help on this matter call John Barker on 02 8850 2022 or email [email protected].

Watch a Routing video:

The facade industry is moving in part from ACM to Solid Aluminium panels. HVG/Alucobond Architectural are introducing MondoClad, a Pre-finished 3 mm aluminium panel.For more information go to: