Band Sawing

Near Dry Sawing

How to saw solid carbon steels up to 400mm diameter

Here we show how we can simply modify an existing band saw that had been traditionally using flood coolant and transform it into a MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) application. This modification is inexpensive to implement and can be fitted up quite easily, the transformation is remarkable, watch the short video to see how we do it. There are many […]

Parkanson saw goes Near Dry

The owner of this saw wanted to eliminate the messy coolant that was causing skin irritation to his operators, so he called Unist in to fix it. Of cause there are many more benefits when you get rid of coolant, for a start coolant is a toxic waste product and has to be disposed of […]

MEP saw goes “Near Dry”

This brand new saw installation never saw one drop of Coolant. The customer insisted that this new machine had to be fitted with an oil spray lubrication system to lubricate the band saw blade. The benefits of this cost effective alternative are many, here are just a few: This MEP machine is capable of cutting […]

Shark saw goes “Near Dry”

The Unist system  was set to use 10ml of Coolube 2210 per hour utilizing the patented U shaped BAT nozzle which will apply oil directly to the blade. Benefits such as dry chips, substantial increase in blade life, the elimination of safety hazards such as spills and operator dermatitis are realized straight away. In short, […]

How to convert a Kasto A6 to Near Dry Sawing

Unist converted this Kasto A6 saw to “Near Dry” by fitting a two channel Coolubricator saw system. This machine can be seen cutting 316 stainless steel beam 200 x 200, it also cuts up to 450mm stainless solid and up to 600 mm hollow bar. In short, the benefits of Unist Coolube® with MQL are: […]

How to cut packs of steel without using messy coolants

Watch how easy the blade cuts through this pack of square tube, not only have we been able to eliminate all the coolant problems and operator complaints of dermatitis but we can achieve a square and consistent cut through the pack, saving rework, lost production time and customers late orders. In short, the benefits of […]

How to saw 530mm dia solid micro steel without using coolant

Not only have we eliminated flood coolant but we have extended the blade life significantly. Watch the video to be amazed. There are many benefits to be gained by employing the Unist “Near Dry Sawing” mist system. In short, the benefits of Unist Coolube® with MQL are: Significantly increases blade and tool life. A cost effective […]