Band Sawing

Saw conversion from Coolant to Near Dry – no mess, dry chips

October 8, 2018

Check out our new nozzle manual. Previously running on a coolant mixture, this machine created an absolute mess for the…

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How to saw solid carbon steels up to 400mm diameter

October 4, 2017

Here we show how we can simply modify an existing band saw that had been traditionally using flood coolant and transform it into…

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Parkanson Saw Goes Near Dry

August 9, 2017

The owner of this saw wanted to eliminate the messy coolant that was causing skin irritation to his operators, so…

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Machining Coolant

Amazing Accuracy, we will never use flood coolant again

April 27, 2016

Near Dry Sawing This is a truly amazing example of  Near Dry Sawing. A basic Chinese machine (slightly modified) running a Rontgen…

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MEP saw goes “Near Dry”

February 10, 2016

This brand new saw installation never saw one drop of Coolant. The customer insisted that this new machine had to…

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Shark saw goes “Near Dry”

October 3, 2014

The Unist system  was set to use 10ml of Coolube 2210 per hour utilizing the patented U shaped BAT nozzle…

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