Amazing Accuracy, we will never use flood coolant again

Near Dry Sawing

This is a truly amazing example of  Near Dry Sawing. A basic Chinese machine (slightly modified) running a Rontgen BiAlpha Cobalt blade 7200 x 54 x 1.6 1.5-2 pitch, we wanted to cut a slice from this block of P20 tool steel.

The slice was to be 810 wide x 600 deep x 5mm thick. After 4.5 hours of cutting, the part was measured for accuracy … it was dead flat.

All this was achieved by using our Unist saw system and running Coolube 2210EP. From start to finish a staggering small amount of oil  was consumed only  30ml, truly making for a cost effective alternative to running messy flood coolant.

Near Dry Sawing using an "Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant" commomly known as a metal cutting fluid. Cut on a band saw using oil spray lubrication

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