Aluminium Extrusion Saw Lubrication

We achieve our results by using positive displacement pumps to send micro amounts of oil (in a spray pattern) down to the saw blade. Where this concept is nothing new, Unist has been able to cut oil consumption dramatically by switching the customers oil to Coolube 2210AL. In one instance, we reduced the oil consumption from 6 litres per day to 250ml.

Unist has many excellent examples and a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to aluminium extrusion. One of the major demands of the customer is that the oil used must not stain the finished product as this will result in a product recall and unhappy customers. Our Coolube 2210AL does not stain, contains no paraffin’s, no mineral products, no silicone, produces no VOCs, and does not leave a sticky residue.  Our oil is a vegetable oil which we define as an Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant.

In short, the benefits of Unist Coolube® with MQL are:

  1. Significantly increases blade and tool life.
  2. A cost effective conversion for all machine types.
  3. No waste – kind to the environment and no wasting money either More economical in the long run – using Coolube® preserves machine parts for longer and prevents rusting
  4. Clean – no more messy slip hazards from excess coolant oozing down machines and walk ways
  5. The MQL system dispenses precisely the amount of Coolube® needed. No more, and no less.
  6. Better for machine operators – no more dermatitis caused by skin contact with coolants.
  7. Coolube does not oxidise or go sticky.