Ditch the coolant on your band saw

Watch us cut Stainless Steel, Chrome Steel and Cast Iron with this converted Everising saw that used to run on flood coolant.

Would you like to run your band saws and never see soluble coolant oil ever again? Would you like to eliminate for ever SPILL & SLIP issues within your work place? If you answer yes to these questions you need to contact us straight away and have a discussion with our technicians who can explain how we do it. Call 02 8850 2022 and ask to speak with John Barker.

With the MQL concept, we apply some 10-15 ml of oil per hour through two nozzles. One nozzle applies an oil spray to the teeth of the blade while the other nozzle applies oil to the sides of the blade………you cannot see the oil being applied either on the video or if you were stood in front of the saw.

Our concept revolves around applying small amounts of a super high grade lubricant such as our Unist Coolube 2210 or 2210EP, (an Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant) this oil will reduce the friction between the teeth and the material and also between the blade and the blade guides subsequently reducing the friction therefore reducing the heat.

The other benefit gained by switching from Coolant to MQL is that blade life will be significantly increased. Hope this explanation helps, if you need more clarity please don’t hesitate to contact John or Lloyd at Unist Australia.

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