Coolube® 2210AL

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  • Improved Tool Life
  • Increased Chip Value
  • Increased Production Speed
  • No Fluid Oxidation (Stickiness)
  • Bottle size: 1 Gallon (3.78 Liters)

Product Description

Unist Coolube® 2210AL provides specific benefits when machining aluminium. Testing shows it provides exceptional lubricity and stability under load, which helps improve tool life. Unist Coolube® 2210AL is nearly odorless and does not cause skin, eye, or throat irritation.

Unist has expanded its line of MQL lubricants with a new oil specifically formulated for use with aluminium. Like all of Unist’s fluids, Coolube® 2210AL is derived from natural vegetable oils, is machinist and environmentally friendly, and there are no VOC’s.

  • Improved tool life
  • Less housekeeping
  • Increased production speed
  • No fluid oxidation (stickiness)
  • No employee health concerns
  • No coolant treatment or disposal

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Bottle Volume

3.785 litres