5 Axis Installation

Our customer wanted to eliminate the mess caused by flood coolant on his 5 axis CNC machine so he came to Unist to ask: could we recommend a MQL or Near Dry Machining alternative to flood coolant?

Our recommendation was for a 3 pump 3 nozzle Coolubricator which will run on Coolube 2210AL as he was machining aluminium mostly.

We triangulate 3 nozzles around the cutter, this enables oil droplets to be delivered to the cutter face regardless to which direction the cut is. Each nozzle delivers approximately 5 ml of oil per hour, this of course can be adjusted back at the cabinet where the pumps are situated. Also each pumps air output can be adjusted individually without affecting the other pumps outputs. The customer already had a separate air blast supply – this is now used to gently blow away chips so as to avoid re cutting chips and also blocking the air/oil from the Unist nozzles getting to the cutter: a perfect solution.