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Our customer wanted to eliminate the mess caused by flood coolant on his 5 axis CNC machine so he came to Unist to ask: could we recommend a MQL or Near Dry Machining alternative to flood coolant?

Our recommendation was for a 3 pump 3 nozzle Coolubricator which will run on Coolube 2210AL as he was machining aluminium mostly.

We triangulate 3 nozzles around the cutter, this enables oil droplets to be delivered to the cutter face regardless to which direction the cut is. Each nozzle delivers approximately 5 ml of oil per hour, this of course can be adjusted back at the cabinet where the pumps are situated. Also each pumps air output can be adjusted individually without affecting the other pumps outputs. The customer already had a separate air blast supply – this is now used to gently blow away chips so as to avoid re cutting chips and also blocking the air/oil from the Unist nozzles getting to the cutter: a perfect solution.

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The building industry codes are changing fast and one of the more challenging changes for our manufacturing industry is the change from composite panel to solid 3mm thick aluminium for facade panels on buildings. Watch the above video to see how Unist provides the answer to cut this material in a MQL fashion.

Do you find yourself having to Route 3mm solid Aluminium sheet in preference to Alucobond/Composite panel? If you are experiencing any of the following you need to talk to our John Barker (Managing Director) of Unist Australia.

  • Burning out cutters
  • Breaking router bits
  • Terrible surface finish
  • Just the inability to get the job done
  • Ragged cutting

We understand your problem, you need to lubricate the routing cutter with our 3 nozzle Coolubricator.

For help on this matter call John Barker on 02 8850 2022 or email [email protected].

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Your whitepaper: “How to rest easy knowing your stock is lubed – Stock lubrication process monitoring and data” is only a click away!

Whitepaper: Stock lubrication process monitoring and data

It is safe to say that most manufacturers are interested in curtailing waste, increasing profit margins, and having the ability to manufacture parts more quickly as these actions provide an edge over their competition. Having accurate data is not only essential for identifying wasteful and unproductive areas, but also for implementing a successful manufacturing change. For over 25 years, Unist has been providing manufacturers within the metal stamping and forming industry solutions that accurately and reliably apply lubricants to stock material.

This whitepaper explores a typical lubrication system for this industry, and breaks down some of the key components required to make the system work well.

Whitepaper: Stock lubrication process monitoring and data

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Unist has recently updated the design for small stainless steel tanks commonly used as an economy option for a
pressurized fluid source.

Stainless Steel Tank Change Notice

New 4 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Features & Options

  • 130 psi [9 bar] maximum working pressure
  • 4 gallon fluid capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Optional low level switch with M12 connector
  • Fluid sump strainer
  • Optional 0-50 or 0-125 psi [0-8.6 bar] pressure regulator
  • Large opening lid closure
  • Configurable outlet tube size connection
  • Convenient carrying handle
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The stainless steel nozzle tip allows users to position the flexible nozzle tip close to the cutting tool without needing to worry about the chips destroying the nozzle tip.

Available now, our stainless steel nozzle tip provides a robust solution for users that enjoy the maneuverability offered by flexible plastic nozzles, but dislike compromised spray patterns due to the continual abuse of chips.

The stainless steel nozzle tip allows users to position the flexible nozzle tip close to the cutting tool without needing to worry about the chips destroying the nozzle tip.

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Methylated Spirits has been a very popular and widely used liquid for many companies who are routing aluminium of all grades. Metho works by taking away the heat generated, allowing the cutter to work nicely, subsequently eliminating aluminium welding to the tool, which would otherwise result in breakage and bad quality cuts. Of course there are other issues related to the use of Metho like thermal cracking of the tool due to the heat being generated and then cooling again. Carbide materials just don’t work well in these conditions. Another major problem with Metho is air borne particles. These are both flammable and not good for the operator’s health.
Here at Unist our customers are advising us that Metho is becoming hard to source. The reason being is that Metho, also known as Ethanol is being used worldwide, in huge quantities, to manufacture hand sanitizer to combat the germs left on our hands due to the current virus.

If you are looking for an alternative to using Metho, we have the answer. Unist’s sole business is  to deliver a Minimum Quantity Lubrication or (MQL) solution. This technology allows us to triangulate three nozzles around the routing cutter. Each nozzle delivering 5 ml of Unist Coolube 2210AL per routing hour using our positive displacement pumps. The MQL concept requires a super high grade Metal Working Lubricant in small quantities (to minimize residual fluid on the finish product) which reduces the friction, therefore reducing the heat, while at the same time lubricating the cut and extending tool life, also eliminating thermal shock and harmful air borne particles.

Adjustments for air, oil and pulses per minute which are all independent from one another so no one adjustment effects the other.

An amazing Bio-based Lubricant, or Metal working Lubricant, a product that is derived from plant based raw material.
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A simple message from Unist Australia to advise we are open for business. We have plenty of stock including Coolube, hardware products and spare parts. Our supply chain and distribution is not affected so you can expect the normal expert advice, support and quick delivery. 
For your convenience you can shop online HERE or call us on 02 8850 2022 or email Lloyd.

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Near dry Turning produces dry chips and is the way forward being discovered by many customers. No Mess, eliminates ALL OH&S issues for ever. There are many benefits to be gained by employing the Unist “Near Dry Machining” oil spray system, also know as Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

In short, the benefits of Unist Coolube® with MQL are:

  1. Significantly increases blade and tool life.
  2. A cost effective conversion for all machine types.
  3. No waste – kind to the environment and no wasting money either More economical in the long run – using Coolube® preserves machine parts for longer and prevents rusting
  4. Clean – no more messy slip hazards from excess coolant oozing down machines and walk ways
  5. The MQL system dispenses precisely the amount of Coolube® needed. No more, and no less.
  6. Better for machine operators – no more dermatitis caused by skin contact with coolants.
  7. Coolube does not oxidise or go sticky.

Nowadays, many manufacturers are under pressure to “go green”. Unist Coolube® is one of the most advanced metalworking fluids available today. Implementing Minimum Quantity Lubrication (M.Q.L.), a no-waste dispensing system, with Unist Coolube® is an easy step to limit the environmental footprint of your manufacturing operation.

MQL is the process of applying minute amounts of high-quality metalworking fluid lubricant directly to the cutting tool or work piece interface instead of using traditional flood coolants. It minimises your environmental impact by significantly reducing fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal.

These benefits are multiplied further when using 100% biodegradable Coolube® lubricants, *that is*, metalworking fluids which are formulated from renewable plant-based oils. When considering these facts, along with the performance benefits of Coolube® and MQL, it becomes obvious that this is the most advanced and responsible answer to running metal cutting and metal forming equipment.

Using the right lubricant is very important in MQL applications. The perfect lubricant will adhere to the surface of the tool and provide a thin, low friction barrier between the cutting tool and work piece. Studies have shown that Coolube® has superior properties, which make it an ideal lubricant.

Coolube’s® polar properties create a strong consistent bond between Coolube® and metallic surfaces. This creates an even, strong, and durable layer of lubrication. Coolube® reduces friction 50% better than typical mineral oils preventing heat build-up and resulting in longer tool life and a superior cut finish.

At Unist, we’ve been manufacturing green products long before the hype. Since 1957 to be exact.

With our recent USDA BioPreferred Program certification, everyone can see just how green our lubricant products are. These are the same non-toxic, environmentally friendly, green products we’ve been touting for years.

Nothing has changed but the USDA’s certification of our bio-based content through independent laboratory testing.

Unist Coolube® 2210 and 2210EP are both USDA BioPreferred products and are tested and certified biobased products. Coolube® 2210 is certified biobased with a renewable, biobased content of 93%. Coolube® 2210EP is a certified lubricant with a biobased content of 92%.This reinforces what we’ve know about Coolube all along: it’s made from natural and renewable plant-based materials.

They’re still the same great lubricants that thousands of metalworkers have come to love and rely on for improved cut quality and tool life. They just have new USDA feathers in their caps!

Read about the top ten benefits of NDM.

Also at the same time check out the benefits of using Coolube over other cheaper products that are on the market.

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This video briefly runs through MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) on CNC Lathes. Implementing and enjoying the benefits of MQL on a CNC lathe are simple, and worth the investment. Unist has successfully implemented MQL on many lathes performing a variety of operations in a variety of materials. Contact Unist today to learn more about how we can help improve your manufacturing processes through the use of MQL on your CNC lathe.

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Check out our new nozzle manual.

Previously running on a coolant mixture, this machine created an absolute mess for the operators and the shop floor environment, there was coolant everywhere. Watch how the process has been revolutionized by the use of “Near Dry Sawing” compliments of Unist Australia.

There are many benefits to be gained by employing the Unist “Near Dry Sawing” system. Read about the top ten benefits of NDS.

Also at the same time check out the benefits of using Coolube over other cheaper products that are on the market.

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