Routing Aluminium using Methylated Spirits.

Methylated Spirits has been a very popular and widely used liquid for many companies who are routing aluminium of all grades. Metho works by taking away the heat generated, allowing the cutter to work nicely, subsequently eliminating aluminium welding to the tool, which would otherwise result in breakage and bad quality cuts. Of course there are other issues related to the use of Metho like thermal cracking of the tool due to the heat being generated and then cooling again. Carbide materials just don’t work well in these conditions. Another major problem with Metho is air borne particles. These are both flammable and not good for the operator’s health.
Here at Unist our customers are advising us that Metho is becoming hard to source. The reason being is that Metho, also known as Ethanol is being used worldwide, in huge quantities, to manufacture hand sanitizer to combat the germs left on our hands due to the current virus.

If you are looking for an alternative to using Metho, we have the answer. Unist’s sole business is  to deliver a Minimum Quantity Lubrication or (MQL) solution. This technology allows us to triangulate three nozzles around the routing cutter. Each nozzle delivering 5 ml of Unist Coolube 2210AL per routing hour using our positive displacement pumps. The MQL concept requires a super high grade Metal Working Lubricant in small quantities (to minimize residual fluid on the finish product) which reduces the friction, therefore reducing the heat, while at the same time lubricating the cut and extending tool life, also eliminating thermal shock and harmful air borne particles.

Adjustments for air, oil and pulses per minute which are all independent from one another so no one adjustment effects the other.

An amazing Bio-based Lubricant, or Metal working Lubricant, a product that is derived from plant based raw material.
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