Metal Cutting Solutions

Stop getting coolant all over your machine, tools, and floors.


Unist’s MQL spray technology not only leaves your shop cleaner, but helps your tools cut cooler, last longer, and produce more good parts. By precisely metering and dispensing Unist Coolube® lubricant oil at the cutting tool/work piece interface, you greatly reduce friction at the cut and ultimately save money.

There is the OLD way which uses flood Coolants, these are mineral oils mixed with water. Unist Australia eliminates the OLD way (flood coolant) and replaces it with a cost effective alternative. We  use a metal working fluid, specifically (Unist Coolube®) which we refer to as an “Advanced Metal Working Fluid” or Advanced Metal Working Lubricant which is specially formulated by Unist for use with all minimum quantity lubrication systems (MQL). Our solution not only eliminates the safety hazard created due to coolant spilling over your machine tools and floors areas but also eliminates the well-known disease called dermatitis that operators suffer from handling coolants.

Using an advanced metal working fluid, which is applied neat (no dilution) will reduce friction therefore reduce heat. When we apply this lubricant to the cutting area we achieve a significant reduction in tool wear, this is because the oil is 100% oil as opposed to Coolant which is 98% water and 2% oil.

 Which Unist Product?


Thru the spindalThrough Spindle The absolute latest State of the art in MQL technology, keep watching this space for more information.



The RevolutionRevolution – Designed to bring all the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication to your CNC machining or turning center. M-Code inputs control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle. More Information



QuantumQuantum – State-of-the-art system interfaces directly with machines and their controllers giving you unprecedented control over your MQL application. More Information


15Saw Blade Lube System – Continuous output of precisely-metered lubricants for band sawing and circular sawing applications. Includes nozzle designed specifically for saw blades. More Information.




16Coolubricator JR – Portable MQL system that is easy to move between machines. Ideal for drill presses, lathes, saws, and open milling machines where manual control and a single nozzle are adequate. More Information.


Servo sprayServ-O-Spray – MQL performance for operations where only a precise intermittent pulse or shot of lubrication is required. Perfect for drilling and tapping small holes, punching, and more. More Information.



Low volume nozzlesLow Volume Spray Nozzle – Combine precise LV nozzles with a pressurized fluid supply and valves for a versatile spray application system. Great for continuous or pulsed spray over small or large areas. More Information



Thu the toolThu The Tool – Unist MQL systems designed specifically to deliver precision lubrication to cutting tools with internal coolant passages. More Information.