Why Unist Coolube 2210 & 2210EP ?

Coolube 2210 & 2210EP are high performance vegetable-derived oils developed specifically for MQL metal cutting operations.

The use of minute applications of Coolube  vegetable oil-based lubricants in machining operations reduces heat generation and improves speed production, surface finish, tool life and reduce housekeeping while eliminating the collecting, treating and disposal considerations associated with flood coolants. The high strength microscopic lubricating film on the tool reduces friction, thus reducing heat generation and subsequently the need to remove heat. Coolube oils are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Unist manufactures a high quality, positive displacement modular MQL application system which dispenses Coolube precisely, consistently and totally controllable, this equipment is critical for obtaining optimum results. Applying too much lubricant is detrimental, and may result in unnecessary clean up and smoking, and will impede the friction reduction phenomenon.

This concept applies to virtually all metalworking processes, many plastics and composites.

Also at the same time check out the benefits of using Coolube over other cheaper products that are on the market.

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