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Saw nozzle options

Click here for more info Bat Nozzle The Bat Nozzle was designed to easily fit on a wide variety of circular saws, vertical band saws, and horizontal band saws. The nozzle includes a 1.75” [44.5 mm] square mounting flange that can be attached to the blade guard. A 1” [25.4mm] diameter hole drilled through the guard allows the nozzle to be centered over the blade. The nozzle position can then be adjusted as close to the blade as required with a thumb screw. Two outlets on the sides of the blade and a third outlet spraying directly into the gullet of the teeth assure proper application of lubricant to the saw blade. The Bat Nozzle is available in various lengths to accommodate a broad range of saws. Click here for more info Band Saw Blade Nozzle The Band Saw Blade (BSB) Nozzle provides users with alternative mounting options and delivers an ideal spray pattern for horizontal band saw blade lubrication. Its smaller footprint makes for easier mounting and less intrusive installation. When mounted to the blade guide, proper positioning is easy when using the built-in ruler guide. Simply align the top of the blade with the appropriate blade size marking and secure the nozzle in place. For additional mounting flexibility, optional brackets are available. The BSB Nozzle is available in 1” [25.4 mm], 2” [50.8 mm], and 3” [76.2 mm] sizes to accommodate most common band saw blade widths. Click here for more info Band Saw Guide Nozzle When blade guide lubrication is required, the Band Saw Guide (BSG) Nozzle will lubricate the sides of the blade to help minimize friction. The BSG Nozzle can be mounted directly to a guide block or to the BSB Nozzle. When paired with a BSB Nozzle, this will provide lubrication for both the cutting edge and the sides of the blade. Click here for more info Mounting kit For maximum mounting flexibility, two mounting brackets are available for the bandsaw nozzles. The block mount allows either a blade or the guide nozzle to be held 90 degrees from the mounting surface. The rail mount allows the vertical height of the BSB or BSG Nozzles to be easily adjusted by sliding the nozzle up or down and tightening the clamp at the side. Click here for more info Two mount options available 1. Block mount 2. Rail mount    

There are several styles of Unist positive displacement pumps. The pump you have depends on several things including what type of fluid you are pumping and whether or not your pump is ‘stacked’ with other pumps. If your pump is one of several in a stack, its position in the stack determines its style. Consult the chart below (click on the image for larger view) to determine your pump style and type.

Click here for a video on our new MV (Multi-Viscosity) pumps which also has some good information on identifying all types of pumps.

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