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Why use our Metalworking Fluids?

Manufacturers of the old-style metalworking fluids do not always take into consideration the wider environmental, financial or usability impact of their outdated products.  It is still important to use metalworking fluids (MWF) on your metal forming and metal cutting tools to preserve their function, but the ‘cheap’ flood coolants you may have used in the past can prove not only hazardous but more expensive in the long run.

These outdated types of metalworking fluids are typically a messy mixture of water and mineral oils which wastefully spill onto the floor, creating an unsightly trip hazard.  Their ability to lubricate is also limited, meaning your tool parts will wear out sooner.  And that’s not to mention the environmental hazard created from using excessive quantities of mineral oil which is also costly to dispose of.

Unist has led the way as revolutionary metalworking fluids manufacturers since 1957. But it’s only since 2006 that this unique, game-changing technology has been available in our part of the world. Unist’s revolutionary metalworking fluids (Australia and New Zealand) are available via one exclusive local distributor who provides excellent prices, outstanding advice, pre- and post-sales service, and even a risk-free trial and free samples.The responsible answer? Introducing the Unist Coolube®, with MQL.

MQL – a no waste, environmentally friendly solution

Unist Coolube - Advanced Metalworking Fluids

Nowadays, many manufacturers are under pressure to “go green”. Unist Coolube® is one of the most advanced metalworking fluids available today. Implementing Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), a no-waste dispensing system with Unist Coolube® is an easy step to limit the environmental footprint of your manufacturing operation.

MQL is the process of applying minute amounts of high-quality metalworking fluid lubricant directly to the cutting tool or work piece interface instead of using traditional flood coolants. It minimises your environmental impact by significantly reducing fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal.

These benefits are multiplied further when using 100% biodegradable Coolube® lubricants—that is, metalworking fluids which are formulated from renewable plant-based oils. When considering these facts, along with the performance benefits of Coolube® and MQL, it becomes obvious that this is the most advanced and responsible answer to running metal cutting and metal forming equipment.

Using the right lubricant is very important in MQL applications. The perfect lubricant will adhere to the surface of the tool and provide a thin, low friction barrier between the cutting tool and work piece. Studies have shown that Coolube® has superior properties which make it an ideal lubricant. Coolube’s® polar properties create a strong consistent bond between Coolube® and metallic surfaces. This creates an even, strong, and durable layer of lubrication. Coolube® reduces friction 50% better than typical mineral oils, preventing heat build-up and resulting in longer tool life and a superior cut finish.

In short, the benefits of Unist Coolube® with MQL are:

  • No waste – kind to the environment and no wasting money either
  • More economical in the long run – using Coolube® preserves machine parts for longer, preventing rust
  • Clean – no more messy trip hazards from excess coolant oozing down machines and walkways
  • The MQL system dispenses precisely the amount of Coolube® needed. No more, and no less.
  • Better for machine operators – no more dermatitis caused by skin contact with coolants

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