The Incredible Benefits of Using Coolube 2210 Vegetable Oils

It is always good to use efficient metal cutting fluids because it is not only good for you but also for the machines. A good fluid whose use is on the increase is vegetable oil and specifically, the coolube 2210. Here are its main benefits:

  1. It is inexpensive if applied the correct way
    This means you can use only a small amount of this fluid on a large surface. In the long run, you will carry out several operations using only a little amount. This will save you the cost of getting new fluids for your metal works.
  2. Improves tool life
    If you do not use the right cutting oils, odds are your tools will undergo corrosion and may not last as long as it should. However, using vegetable oils creates a big difference as the fluid protects the machined surface against the destructive corrosion. This improves the lifespan of your metal tools.
  3. Non toxic
    Some fluids are not friendly to the user. If you spend most of your time doing metal work, you will possibly be affected by such fluids. This is because they contain substances that can harm you if they get to your skin or inhaled. However, vegetable oil is safe to use and non toxic.
  4. Odour free, clear and non-staining
    When using unfriendly fluids, one of the things you should be ready to deal with is the odour from these fluids. If you are allergic to the smell of certain oils, then you cannot use such oils for long. Luckily, vegetable oils are odour free. Besides, they do not stain, which also saves your working outfit and the tools.
  5. Does not become sticky (oxidise)
    One of the functions played by a cutting fluid is to cool the hot surface to enable part handling. So, if the fluid becomes sticky, handling will become tricky. The coolube 2210 oil does not stick hence ideal for use.
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