All you need to know about metal cutting oils

Have you come across the term metal working fluids? Well, here are several key things that will help you understand the term fully. The term is used to describe oils and liquids essential in lubricating and cooling metals during their processing. Furthermore, metal cutting fluids will be used to reduce heat and prevent premature tool wear. The fluids are also essential in ensuring that the quality of the work piece surface finish and are also used to remove chips or swarf.

There are various types of metal working fluids available in the market. The first one is the straight oil which is composed of mineral, animal and vegetable oils. The second type is known as soluble oil that is composed of petroleum oils and emulsifiers. The third type is known as the semi synthetic fluids which combine petroleum oils and water. The last type is known as the synthetic fluids, which are made up of detergent like additives. The choice of either of these fluids will majorly depend on the type of metal being processed and the type of finish one wants to achieve in the long run. A number of additives can be found in each of these types, which include stabilizers, de-foamers, colorants, and dyes among others.

Coolants or cutting oils major functions are cooling and lubricating of the metal and tooling during their processing. Furthermore, cutting oils will be used to prevent rust on the metal piece after the processing. Both the metal cutting fluids and the cutting oils pose various environmental and health concerns if no proper safety measures are applied. Proper disposal and use of protective clothing during their use is therefore very essential.

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