SPR 2000JR™

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2 Output fluid controller

The economically priced SPR-2000 JR programmable fluid controller keeps costs down when only two outputs are required. The SPR-2000 JR controls fluid flow to one of these Unist systems: Uni-Roller® Type S (up to 18in. wide), Mini-Roller, Powered Uni-Roller® (up to 18in. wide) and/or Low Volume Spray Nozzles (1 or 2 nozzles).

The system intermittently actuates two fluid solenoid valves that dispense the required quantity of fluid to two specific lube points. The valve actuation is determined by production line rates so there is no under or over lubrication whether it is a stamping press or continuous speed operation such as roll forming.

Benefits of Automatic Lubrication Systems

  • Monitors critical parameters
  • Precision fluid control
  • Controls 2 outputs
  • Stores up to 60 different setups/jobs
  • Access code prevents tampering
  • Economical fluid controller option
Typical SPR-2000 JR™ / Uni-Roller® application
Typical SPR-2000 JR™ / Uni-Roller® application

Combine the SPR-2000 JR™ with a Uni-Roller® applicator to reduce fluid usage and save money

On average, a Unist automatic lubrication system can reduce stamping fluid consumption by 50% with some customers reporting reductions as high as 90%!

Full-featured monitoring

The SPR-2000 JR provides full-featured monitoring of critical parameters such as fluid level, pressure and flow (optional sensors are required) and alerts users with an audible alarm and red LED. An external alarm relay can also be wired directly to a press control.


Easy set up with intuitive menus


Access code menu

Provides password-protected access to the system's setting.


Auto setup menu

prompts the user for job specifications and automatically creates a new setup (program) for Uni-Roller® applications.


Edit menu

allows the user to modify current setups and program spray nozzles or otehr auxillary functions.


Alarm menu

allows the user to monitor critical system functions.

Delivers return on investment in less than 6 months

That's what many of our customers report. By applying the proper amount of fluid, the combination of an SPR-2000 controller and Uni-Roller® lubricator uses 50 to 90% less lubricant. Plus it decreases the mess, the parts cleaning, fluid recycling and costs associated with in-die spray systems, rag technology and externally lubricated rollers.

Features, Specs & Options


  • User-friendly controller
  • program up to 250 different die sets or jobs
  • Alarm monitoring of critical parameters
  • Controls up to 2 outputs
  • Stores up to 250 setups/jobs
  • Access code prevents tampering
  • Saves fluid: precisely controls output

Technical Specifications

    Power supply:
    • 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Control inputs:
    • Dry contact (switch closure) Proximity sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O. 24 VDC option for input #1

    Alarm inputs:
    • Dry contact (switch closure) Proximity sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O.

    Flow monitor inputs:
    • Dry contact (switch closure) Proximity sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O.

    • Same voltage as power supply Maximum power - 10 watts per output

    • 1,2

    Alarm relay:
    • Isolated, non-fused, single pole, double throw; 2 amp load maximum

    Maximum input rate:
    • 50 cycles/second at 50% duty cycle Minimum contact open or closed time: 10 milliseconds

    Alarm inputs:
    • Dry contact (switch closure) Proximity sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O.

    Programmable ranges:
    • Count (CNT): 0-255 counts Delay (DEL): 0-100 seconds (.010 second increments) Duration (DUR): 0-100 seconds

    • Supply fuse: 2 amp
    • Output fuse: 5 amp

    Operating temperature range:
    • 0° to +50°C (+32° to +122°F)

    Storage temp range:
    • -20° to +70°C (-4° to +158°F)

    • Max 60 setups/jobs

    • 120VAC - 50/60hz or 240VAC - 50/60hz

    • SPR-2000 Stand

    Options & Accessories


    In-die quick connect

    Allows for permanent spray nozzle mounting to the die. Ensures nozzles remain in correct position with each die change.


    Fluid Supply Systems

    Your fluid application system needs a steady supply of pressurized fluid. Unist offers a broad range of options to meet your needs.

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