Powercool Product Flyer

Thru-The-Tool Powercool System for water-soluble fluids

  • Only mist coolant system of its kind for fixed machine tools using coolant inducers or hollow spindles with water-soluble fluids lets you apply coolant directly at the tool-work interface. Expanded compressed air cools tooling and helps remove chips from the cutting interface. The mist coolant lubricates flutes, holes and chips to improve hole quality.
  • Operates with single air supply source at 80-100 psi. System feeds coolant from the supply tank to the control station and then in regulated amounts through a Co-Axial hose to the coolant inlet at the tool or spindle.
  • Dispenses water-soluble coolants to reduce heat. Water vapor evaporation absorbs heat so tool cools faster. Water-soluble coolants are also used to maintain compatibility with flood coolants used on the same machine.
  • Offers choice of 2, 6 or 15 gallon tank capacity. A central lubricant supply tank can feed numerous control stations. Contact us to engineer an efficient solution for your operation.
  • Refills quickly and easily. Three-way sleeve valve depressurizes the tank for quick refilling.
  • Offers choice of actuation valves: Manual Valve, Solenoid Valve or Air Pilot Valve. A flow-sensing valve is available for automatic operation with portable air tools.
  • Cools tools faster. Unist will build one to match your machining demands. Contact us today.

Powercool applications:

  • Fixed machine tools using
    • Coolant inducers
    • Hollow spindles