CPC System Product Flyer

cuppingSystemLubrication precision for can makers!

Designed specifically for the can making industry, the Unist coil lubrication system gives can makers precise control over the application of their cupping lubricants.
The patented internally fed roller design, combined with the programmable SPR-2000™ controller, has proven itself capable of applying fluids in quantities as low as 20 mg/ft²(215 mg/m²). This level of control, combined with high reliability, provides years of exceptional performance with minimal maintenance.

Proven success!
Unist systems have proven themselves in the field and are currently running on over 300 cupping lines around the world.

Unist’s precision coil stock lubrication systems have been engineered to meet the demands of the aluminium and steel can market.

Unist Systems: The choice of cupping press manufacturers

See our system on OEM equipment in this video

Coil Live Photo1 Coil Live Photo2Typical installation of a Unist system on cupping presses