3 Nozzle 3 Pump Coolubricator Economy MV Fitted with ETP seals ONE Left

$4,320.00 $3,456.00 plus GST

Patented 2 stage air/oil mixing, designed for multiple viscosity fluids. 3 pump 3 nozzle arrangement.

  • Continuous precision output
  • Reliable Unist pump
  • Separate air/fluid control
  • Ideal MQL solution – reduce fluid use & save!
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We only have 1 of these left, they are not brand new, however they have been completely rebuilt with the latest ETP seals which make them more resistant to more fluids. Primarily designed to work with MULTIPLE VISCOSITY’S  such as  Methylated Spirits, Ethanol,Isopropanol, these pumps work just fine on our Coolube range of products.

These two units are AS NEW and come with our Guaranteed Life Time Warranty, so nothing to worry about regarding performance, back up and support for us…we just can’t sell them as BRAND NEW because the pump bodies have been pre-used.

The same features and benefits as our premium Coolubricator models excluding the enclosure and its benefits.

  • Reduces fluid usage
  • Promotes a clean and safe work environment
  • Prolongs tool life
  • Improves cut quality
  • For best results use Unist’s environmentally friendly Coolube®
  • Dry chips – higher recycling value

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Fluid Type

Multiple Viscosity


3 Nozzles


3 Pumps