Integrated Fluid Supply System – 10SS™

Product Info


The 10SS integrated fluid supply system is designed to deliver an uninterrupted supply of pressurized fluid to Unist precision fluid applicators. The system consists of an integrated PLC, 10 gallon stainless steel pressure tank, precision pressure regulator, optional tank immersion heater, and the ability to automatically refill by means of valve or pump.

The 10SS system can deliver fluid at a consistent pressure to an existing fluid supply network. The integrated PLC monitors tank temperature and level and automatically tops up the tank when low.

The system can be refilled from a drum or tote with the built in refill pump. The 10SS is the best supply for neat or premixed fluids. Use the 10SS to feed one or several SmartFlow® fluid controllers in a metal forming plant or use it as a bulk supply of MQL cutting oil for Quantum systems equipped with automatic refill.

Features, Specs & Options


  • Uninterrupted fluid supply
  • Maintains consistent pressure
  • Monitors tank temp. & fluid level
  • Automatic refill capability

Technical Specifications

    • 10 gallon fluid tank

    Fluid output pressure:
    • 0-60psi

    Refill pump flow rate:
    • 2 gallon/minute

    • 120 or 240VAC options

    • Monitoring of refill function

    Options & Accessories


    In-die quick connect

    Allows for permanent spray nozzle mounting to the die. Ensures nozzles remain in correct position with each die change.

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