How SCM got it right

Lubricant is delivered through the machine’s nozzles directly onto the selected cutting tool that has been loaded into the spindle. Oil consumption is approximately 10ml/hr. When such small amounts of oil are being applied, it is extremely important that the oil is an advanced metal cutting lubricant that is specifically designed for Minimum Quantity Lubrication.

Eliminating the oily mess caused by excess fluid and the adhesion of oxidized oil and aluminium chips to machine surfaces (which are almost impossible to clean) were a large priority for the customer.

Tool life and surface finish were two other very important points that had to be addressed when Gabbett’s were making their decision of which lubricant to use.

After much in-field experience and trials, Gabbett now recommends Unist’s Coolube 2210® Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant. Coolube® is a specially designed vegetable oil proven to be an outstanding product for MQL applications. It features a natural composition which offers superior lubrication and will not oxidize. When applied properly in an MQL application, Gabbett finds that Coolube® promotes long tool life and improved surface finish.

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