MQL is an acronym for Minimum Quantity Lubrication and refers to the application of minimum quantities of a lubricant aerosol to the interface of the cutting tool and the work piece. This controls cutting temperature by reducing the friction. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, and the MQL aerosol can be described as a mist,  the preferred term is MQL because the term “mist” is misleading.  The most common mistake new adopters of MQL make is to use too much lubricant at too high of an air pressure.  This makes a mist which fills the shop, irritates workers, and wastes lubricant.  In most cases, when properly applied, the MQL aerosol is so little it cannot be seen: there is no visible mist.  To discourage operators to from creating the unnecessary “mist” and to apply the proper minimal amount of lubricant, the more helpful description of MQL is preferred.