We were about to dump this Routing job!

This routing jRouting aluminiumob was an absolute nightmare, we were breaking cutters, getting a lousy cut finish, each piece had to be hand finished making the job unsustainable form a profit point of view.

I contacted john Barker (Managing Director) of Unist Australia  and explained the problems we were having. John was quick to understand our issues and straight away recommended the Near Dry Routing system, a  Unist 3 nozzle Coolubricator and their Coolube 2210AL “Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant” at the time we were sceptical if his solution would work.

The system arrived and we has it set up within the hour, we set up the system in accordance with John’s recommendations which was 5ml/hour oil delivery out of each nozzle ( a total of 15ml/ hour). We just couldn’t believe the results and we are very very impressed with the product and couldn’t recommend it more highly it has been a life saviour, we were going to give the job away. Now we run seamlessly, we have processed 1000’s of pieces and the tools are as good as day one and  now have an extremely profitable job.

Other benefits we gained from using the Unist Near Dry Routing System  were dry chips which can be cleaned up with an industrial vacuum cleaner, a dry sacrificial board, a brilliant cut finish and a clean and safe working environment, just to mention the main points

Anyone wanting to improve  their routing process in relation to tool lubrication  should contact John Barker

Phone: 02 8850 2022

Mobile: 0418 274946

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Tom Young November 25, 2016