John is an expert in his field and is prepared to back his product


John solid-steel-ingotis an expert in his field and is prepared to back his product. With my application we are cutting 475mm solid cast steel and no longer putting up with the OHS concern of coolant all over the floor, we have also seen an increase in blade life performance (up to 30%) so it has been a good financial outcome as well. If not for John’s knowledge and passion about his product I would still be searching for a workable solution.

Near Dry Sawing” has been a revolution for us, it has eliminated coolant all together, we no longer get issues with failing micro switches, blocked coolant pumps and plumbing associated with coolant. All our operators enjoy working in this area now that the smell of coolant has been removed not to mention the associated skin issues like dermatitis which was always a health hazard, which are now non existent.


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Brett Allan Logistics Superintendent MolyCop Australasia (an Arrium Company) August 11, 2016