Back up and Product Support

After trying for some time to decide what system to use on my CNC router machining 3mm aluminium sheet I finally came across John at Unist. He has been extremely helpful in the 4 years I have been running the Unist system, backing his products 100 percent and answering any questions I have had over that time, promptly and with a strong knowledge of his product and its use.

Due to the design of my router a flood coolant system was simply not possible, and the other MQL systems I came across all had poor reputations for reliability and product backup. The Unist system is very high quality and while the initial setup cost was higher than others on the market the system has long since paid for itself in the minimal ongoing cost for lubricant and the increased longevity of tooling and the flow on effect of increased productivity.

Mark de Jong Director of Manufacturing Mustard Bikes August 11, 2016