Wearpoint Lubrication System: Lubrication Precision

  • Reduces bearing and mechanical wear
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Unlimited configurations available.
  • Prevents damaging friction build-up.
  • Applies precise amounts of lubricant.

Wearpoint Lubrication Product Flyer

Systems reduce costly mechanical wear and downtime

Approximately 50 percent of bearing failures and 60 percent of mechanical failures can be tracked to inadequate or improper lubrication. Often there are so many wearpoints to lubricate that your standard maintenance procedures just can’t keep up with them all. But the price for not maintaining them can take an unecessary toll on your maintenance and repair budget.

Cutting tool wear

Tool wear is a continuous failure of cutting tools due to the ongoing operation of tools. Use of proper lubricants and coolants in machining can reduce the cutting tool wear by minimising temperature and friction. That can be achieved by using WEARPOINT LUBRICATION SYSTEM from Unist.

Existing: Air/Oil 24/7 Wearpoint Lubrication Systems can stem this budget drain. It will apply timed, precise amounts of lubricant to reduce bearing and cutting tool wear and downtime on your high speed and other conveyor or power transmission chains.

Unist engineers will design the system to automatically lubricate hundreds of wearpoints with the precise frequency and volume of air and lubricant needed. No wearpoints will be missed. None will be over lubricated.

Solve your wearpoint lubrication problems

With nearly unlimited configurations available, Unist can provide you with a wearpoint lubrication system that prevents damaging friction build-up for:

  • Bearings
  • Ball Screws
  • Chains
  • Rails
  • Gears
  • Wipes
  • Wheel Flanges
  • Air Motors
  • Cutting Tools
  • Air Cylinders
  • Welding Electrodes
  • Journal Bearings
  • Spindle Bearings