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MQL Tool Holder Kit

MQL Tool Holder Kits
The missing link

Unist MQL Tool Holder Kits fit into most common CAT and BT style tool holders. The MQL optimized retention knob and MQL tool holder insert ensure proper aerosol delivery from the end of the spindle to the shank of the tool. The retention knob is specifically designed to interface with the fluid delivery tube and the tool holder insert. The tool holder insert greatly reduces the effects of rotation on the aerosol inside the tool holder, delivering a more consistent MQL output.


How it works

When the tool holder is loaded in the spindle, the end of the fluid delivery tube is inserted into the MQL optimized retention knob. Air flowing past the end of the fluid delivery tube creates the MQL aerosol and carries it through the MQL tool holder insert to the shank of the tool. The consistent-diameter path prevents the fluid from being centrifuged away from the shank of the tool.

The tool holder insert is threaded into the MQL optimized retention knob and is available in a variety of sizes and lengths. The installed tool contacts the tapered portion of the insert forming a seal. The tool holder insert determines the tool offset length.

Changing from Alucobond/Composite panel to Solid Aluminium Sheet

Do you find yourself having to Route 3mm solid Aluminium sheet in preference to Alucobond/Composite panel? If you are experiencing any of the following you need to talk to our John Barker (Managing Director) of Unist Australia.

  • Ragged cutting
  • Burning out cutters
  • Breaking router bits
  • Terrible surface finish
  • Just the inability to get the job done

We understand your problem, you need to lubricate the routing cutter with our 3 nozzle Coolubricator.

For help on this matter call John Barker on 02 8850 2022 or email [email protected].

Watch a Routing video:

The facade industry is moving in part from ACM to Solid Aluminium panels. HVG/Alucobond Architectural are introducing MondoClad, a Pre-finished 3 mm aluminium panel.For more information go to: