Spray Nozzles

At Unist we highly recommend that you use roller systems as your primary means for applying lubricants in your metalforming operations. Sometimes it is necessary to spot lube certain areas. Unist offers a complete line of spray nozzles that connect directly to valves on the SPR-2000™ and SPR-2000 JR™ Programmable Fluid Controllers.

These nozzles work best with water-based solutions and emulsions and generally are not recommended for use with oils or viscous synthetic fluids. If you need to apply a more viscous fluid, contact us.

Choose from two nozzle configurations:

  • Flexible Plastic Nozzle assembly stays steady despite machine vibrations. Uses a 12 in. (305 mm) long section of Loc-Line for positioning the Stainless Steel Nozzle tip with various spray pattern options. The magnetic base makes it easy to mount to your equipment. The quick-disconnect couplings plug directly into a valve on the SPR-2000™ or SPR-2000 JR™.
  • Articulated Arm Nozzle adjusts and locks into position with the turn of one knob. Features Stainless Steel Nozzle with various spray pattern options; magnetic mounting base; quick-disconnect couplings for easy connections to the SPR-2000™ or SPR-2000 JR™.

Precision spraying: Describe your needs and your Unist lubrication consultant will recommend the best nozzle to meet them. Contact us today.