Metal Forming Die Lubrication

Slippery floors, a messy press, and stamped parts swimming in oil are just some of the headaches that Uni-Roller systems from Unist can eliminate. With our stamping lubricant solutions for metal forming for material from 25 mm to over 1828 mm wide, we have the answers for metal formers struggling to apply fluid consistently and cost effectively.

Our customers represent a diverse group of manufacturers, each running unique metal forming operations, yet all appreciating that their Unist metal forming lubricant systems not only save them money, but also improve production efficiency.

Consistent lubrication means increased efficiency

When lubrication is applied smoothly and consistently with a Unist stock stamping lubrication system, messy conditions from excess fluid are eliminated, scrap is reduced, and times between die sharpening is increased. This not only increases efficiency, but can also result in significant reduction of the quantity of fluid used and cost savings.

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