Tornado Product Flyer

Thru-The-Tool Tornado System operates with minimum pressure drop

  • Permits nearly unrestricted air flow and minimum pressure drop to the cutting tool so you get a continuous and consistent application of lubricant at the tool-work interface.
  • Fights heat build up with highly efficient lubricant. Unist Coolube® stands up to the tremendous pressures exerted in high-speed operations such as gun drilling and boring. It clings to the cutting surface longer so it significantly reduces friction, reducing heat generation as it lubricates the flutes, holes and chips to improve hole quality. Fewer part reworks save you time and money shift after shift.
  • Dispenses lubricant at a rate of 0.2-1.0 drops per cycle with 4-200 injection cycles per minute to produce a total range in output of .1-200 drops/minute (.003 cc to 40 cc per minute). Standard 16 oz. reservoir holds more than 9,000 drops of lubricant.
  • Offers choice of mounting arrangements: with or without magnetic mounting base for easy relocation and positioning. Threaded tool connection allows for direct connection to coolant inducer or the addition of a quick connect socket (provided by you). 3/8 in. I.D. hose connects unit to the tool.
  • Connects to numerous Tornado Systems. An optional central lubricant supply tank can feed numerous control stations. Contact us to get an efficient solution for your operation.

Tornado applications:

  • Coolant inducers
  • Use with metals, woods and plastics