Proven success! The industry’s leading solution since 1999

Unist systems have proven themselves in the field and are currently running on over 300 cupping lines around the world. Whether you’re cupping, making ends, or tabs, Unist has a solution which will provide even, consistent application of fluid, reduce your fluid consumption, and increase your production!

SPR-2000_Can StockSet It And Forget It:

With an SPR-2000™ Programmable Fluid Controller

The patented Unist SPR-2000™ programmable fluid controller is the key component for reliably and accurately controlling the application of can making lubricants. This easy to use controller is not only operator friendly, but also delivers fluid with more precision than any other system on the market. With standard features that meet the stringent needs of can makers and a proven record of success in the can making arena, the SPR-2000™ is a key component in the overall success of coil or sheet stock fluid application.

InternallyFedPatented Internally Fed Design

Unist’s Can Making Lubrication systems feature a patented internally fed roller design and provide an environmentally friendly solution for applying lubricants to coil or sheet stock.

The Unist product line is built around the concept of applying lubrication in a precise manner, which results in fluid usage reduction, the elimination of fluid mess, and increased production rates.