Roll Forming

Roll Forming

How to obtain no mess roll-forming

This material 5mm thick galvanized steel, the machine is equipped with a Unist Roller system and Sproller controller. The customer has chosen to use Coolube 2210 which gives him a cost effective, trouble free Roll-forming process. This machine has been in operation for some 8 years or so and there is not one drop of oil or mess around the machine.
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Which Unist product?

UniRoller® S2 – The Uni-Roller® S2 lubricator is the ultimate solution for continuous stock lubrication. More Information >>


UniRoller® S2 Powered – The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is the ultimate solution in blank stock lubrication. More Information >>


UniRoller® S2 HG -– The Uni-Roller® S2 HG delivers the same smooth and consistent fluid application the industry has come to expect from Unist, and adds an articulating chassis. More Information >>


Mini-Roller – Continuous lubrication for thin and narrow coil stock. Perfect for high-speed presses, small press windows and applications like punching, stamping, four-slide, and roll forming. More Information about the Mini-Roller >>


TSL System – Precision lubrication for ultra-thin stock from .002″ to .010″ (.05mm – .25mm) thick and from 9″ – 45″ wide (228mm – 1143mm). More Information about the TSL System>>


SPR 2000 – Programmable fluid controller for up to 22 outputs with storage of up to 250 setups/jobs. Simple menu-driven software includes ability to monitor fluid level, pressure, and flow. More Information about the SPR 2000 >>


SPR 2000 JR – Economical programmable fluid controller with 2 outputs and storage of up to 250 setups/jobs. Simple menu-driven software includes ability to monitor fluid level and pressure. More Information about the SPR 2000 JR >>


Low Volume Spray Nozzle – Precision needle valves provide a high level of adjustability while an integrated valve at the nozzle tip ensures quick on/off response and prevents messy drips. Available in both conical and fan spray patterns. More Information about the Low Volume Spray Nozzle>>


Fluid System and Accessories – Unist is your source for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts and components for your Uni-Roller® and programmable fluid controller products. More Information about fluid system parts and accessories>>

Legacy Systems

Uni-Roller® Type S – Precision lubrication for top and bottom of coil stock at line speeds up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min). Ideal for stamping, roll forming, fine blanking, deep drawing and punching. More Information >>

Powered Uni-Roller® – Precision lubrication for blanks or sheets. Evenly coats both sides of the material for superior results in operations including punching, stamping, fine blanking, and deep drawing. More Information >>

Uni-Roller® Type C – A good choice for roller application of fluids in operations with feed rates of less than 100 ft/min (30 m/min) where a less costly alternative to the Uni-Roller Type S system is desired. More Information >>

Which Unist product?

Mini-Roller Product Flyer

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TSL System Product Flyer

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