4. Coolube® Lubricants

As with many natural products, prolonged exposure to Coolube’s® bears a slight risk of skin irritation, but this is extremely rare.  Most of the components of Coolube are also used in cosmetics, and this is one of the reasons it rarely irritates the skin. The components are also food-grade and, although Unist does not recommend it, could be used in food preparation. In over 30 years of manufacturing and handling Coolube® we have had very, very few reports of any exposure issues. However if irritation should occur, washing the affected area with soap and water should eliminate the irritation. It is worth noting that one of Coolube’s® components is considered a penetration enhancer and may enhance the skin penetration of other chemicals. For this reason users should exercise caution when using Coolube® in conjunction with other products which have set limits based on dermal absorption. Coolube Safety Data Sheets Coolube Product Info

There is no mixing required when using our Coolube® lubricant. Coolube® is applied in aerosol form using an MQL applicator such as our Quantum™ system, Revolution™ system, Coolubricator™ or Serv-O-Spray™ systems.

Cleaning residual Coolube from parts

In most cases there should be little if any Coolube left on the part.  If the part has much oil on it, it may be an indication that means the MQL spray needs adjusting. But in the cases where over spray is unavoidable, or there can be no oil on the part at all, Coolube is easy to wash off.

Coolube is oil, so a simple alkaline based detergent is sufficient for cleaning.  Alkaline cleaners are commonly used for cleaning metal and are designed to remove grease and oils. Dish soaps are examples of mild alkaline cleansers that would work well work with Coolube, as would most other alkaline based industrial detergents that may already be available in your shop.

The Extreme Pressure (EP) additive in Coolube 2210 EP helps to decrease the wear of tools exposed to very high pressures. The term “extreme pressure” classically refers to the property of lubricants which impart to rubbing surfaces the ability of carrying appreciably greater loads than would be possible with ordinary lubricants without excessive wear or damage.

Our EP additive contains organic sulfur compounds which react with metal surfaces based on the heat generated by small irregularities on the surfaces. These irregularities cause localized flashes of high temperature without significant increase of the overall average surface temperature.  When these conditions exist the additive reacts to produce a protective film that prevents this friction thus enhancing tool lifeand improving surface finishes.

Sulfur containing EP additives can cause corrosion problems in parts made of bronze, brass and other copper alloys when high temperature environment is encountered. This is why we only recommend Coolube 2210 EP for use on ferrous metals.

Coolube® is a highly refined plant-based oil and should not affect the paint on your machine. Coolube® can be easily cleaned using an alkaline-based detergent (such as ‘Dawn’ dish washing liquid).

Defined by the 2002 Farm Bill, biobased products are commercial or industrial products (other than food or feed) that are composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products, renewable agricultural materials (including plant, animal, and marine materials), or forestry materials. The USDA issues Certified Biobased Product labels to products with a minimum of 25% biobased content. Coolube® 2210 is certified at 93% biobased content and Coolube® 2210EP at 92%.

Coolube® 2210 is ideal for metals, wood, rubber, and most plastics and is especially effective on aluminum and non-ferrous metals.


Coolube® 2210EP  contains an ‘Extreme Pressure’ additive and is specially formulated for use with ferrous metals.  Coolube® 2210EP also works with all non-ferrous metals except copper.

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