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The old way versus the new way.

Machining with MQL

Machining with MQL

Machining with flood coolant

Machining with flood coolant

Machining Near Dry has produced some amazing  results throughout the industry world wide, with the concept now widely in use throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Don’t take our word for it . . . Check out some of the leading Australian companies that have employed Machining Near Dry to their processes.

Would you like to be added to this list of world best practice companies that use Unist technology? Take a look at our Customer Logo Gallery and see if your industry is represented. Machining Near Dry is going to replace many traditional metal cutting applications as we all become more aware of the benefits that are gained.

Machining Near Dry is just one term used to describe this process and can be confusing to the new comer, this should not be a deterrent as help is available at the end of your phone. So call us today to discuss how we can help you with Machining Near Dry at your factory.

John Barker Managing Director (Unist Australia) Australia and New Zealand December 1, 2016

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We were about to dump this Routing job!

This routing jRouting aluminiumob was an absolute nightmare, we were breaking cutters, getting a lousy cut finish, each piece had to be hand finished making the job unsustainable form a profit point of view.

I contacted john Barker (Managing Director) of Unist Australia  and explained the problems we were having. John was quick to understand our issues and straight away recommended the Near Dry Routing system, a  Unist 3 nozzle Coolubricator and their Coolube 2210AL "Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant" at the time we were sceptical if his solution would work.

The system arrived and we has it set up within the hour, we set up the system in accordance with John's recommendations which was 5ml/hour oil delivery out of each nozzle ( a total of 15ml/ hour). We just couldn't believe the results and we are very very impressed with the product and couldn't recommend it more highly it has been a life saviour, we were going to give the job away. Now we run seamlessly, we have processed 1000's of pieces and the tools are as good as day one and  now have an extremely profitable job.

Other benefits we gained from using the Unist Near Dry Routing System  were dry chips which can be cleaned up with an industrial vacuum cleaner, a dry sacrificial board, a brilliant cut finish and a clean and safe working environment, just to mention the main points

Anyone wanting to improve  their routing process in relation to tool lubrication  should contact John Barker

Phone: 02 8850 2022

Mobile: 0418 274946

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Tom Young November 25, 2016

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John is an expert in his field and is prepared to back his product


John solid-steel-ingotis an expert in his field and is prepared to back his product. With my application we are cutting 475mm solid cast steel and no longer putting up with the OHS concern of coolant all over the floor, we have also seen an increase in blade life performance (up to 30%) so it has been a good financial outcome as well. If not for John’s knowledge and passion about his product I would still be searching for a workable solution.

"Near Dry Sawing" has been a revolution for us, it has eliminated coolant all together, we no longer get issues with failing micro switches, blocked coolant pumps and plumbing associated with coolant. All our operators enjoy working in this area now that the smell of coolant has been removed not to mention the associated skin issues like dermatitis which was always a health hazard, which are now non existent.


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Brett Allan Logistics Superintendent MolyCop Australasia (an Arrium Company) August 11, 2016

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Astonished at the difference this lubricator has made

As I said, I'm really astonished at the difference this lubricator had made in a number of areas – cost of tools, working area mess, and job quality.

I am pleased I received your e-mail announcing your new website, as it reminds me that I’m well overdue with my 'thank you' message.

You helped me decide the Coolubricator JR, using Coolube 2210 fluid, would be best for my application and I’ve now had around 12 months experience with this unit.  I’m actually quite astonished at how well this combination works.

I fabricate vehicle-specific number plate brackets from aluminium sheet which I machine to order using a CNC router.  Before installing the Unist Coolubricator I used flood cooling/lubricating and had experimented with a variety of coolants.  All were messy and, in hindsight, not particularly effective.  I used an average of two router bits per month and wasted a lot of time cleaning up the edges of the router cuts.

Over the past 12 months I haven’t needed to replace a single router bit – except for two damaged due to operator error!  I’m still running on bits I had in stock when I bought the Unist.  I save a lot of time with de-burring as I am no longer cutting with dull tools.

My machine only runs between 10 and 20 hours a week (so it’s not exactly a heavy-duty application) but I’ve used less than 50% of the initial filling of the 500cc reservoir!  As I said, I am really astonished at the difference this lubricator had made in a number of areas – cost of tools, working area mess and job quality.

I was very appreciative of the fact that you were prepared to spend time on the phone with me, helping me work out what would suit me best – especially as it wasn’t exactly one of your biggest sales.

Philip Reeve Managing Director LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets August 11, 2016

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Engraving Stainless Steel….now a piece of cake

To begin with we were sceptical as to whether the Near Dry concept could be applied to our customers who wanted to engrave stainless steel, however our concerns were quickly dispelled when we applied the Unist Coolubricator Junior.

We can categorically state that ALL our customers that are now using the Unist system and running Coolube 2210 are over the moon with the results.

Cory Bourne Technical services Project Engraving August 11, 2016

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Back up and Product Support

After trying for some time to decide what system to use on my CNC router machining 3mm aluminium sheet I finally came across John at Unist. He has been extremely helpful in the 4 years I have been running the Unist system, backing his products 100 percent and answering any questions I have had over that time, promptly and with a strong knowledge of his product and its use.

Due to the design of my router a flood coolant system was simply not possible, and the other MQL systems I came across all had poor reputations for reliability and product backup. The Unist system is very high quality and while the initial setup cost was higher than others on the market the system has long since paid for itself in the minimal ongoing cost for lubricant and the increased longevity of tooling and the flow on effect of increased productivity.

Mark de Jong Director of Manufacturing Mustard Bikes August 11, 2016